Fresh Produce Tuesday: Beet Recipes

I can’t really say that I love beets, but we get them in our CSA about every other week so I am learning to embrace them.  I was able to find lots of beet recipes this week that I would like to try with our next batch of beets.  One recipe I did make a few weeks ago that I loved was beet chips (recipe below.)  I received a food processor as a wedding gift and never took out all the attachments to see what they did.  Turns out, it has an awesome mandoline attachment that thinly slices things up in less than a second.  Did I mention it is our five year wedding anniversary this week?  I could have used this so many times over the last five years!  Lesson learned- always read your small appliance manuals so you learn about all the extra functionality they might have.



Bloggers, please link up as many corn recipes as you would like:

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    • 2sisters2cities says

      Thanks Sonia- I might have to try those beet muffins…they look tasty and I love the color that they turned out!


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